Rebecca Weaver

is a freelance artist who specializes in fantasy art and book cover design.

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I commissioned Rebecca to do some cover art for my novel and provided her with all sorts of detail and requests. She worked quickly and professionally and took all my requests seriously, producing something even better than I described.  Her professional eye for cover design made all the difference, turning my ideas into something special and going far beyond my hopes and expectations.  Before now I assumed ‘better than I could imagine’ was always hyperbole, but it’s exactly how I’d describe Rebecca’s art.  Can’t wait to hire her again.” 


Isaac Jourden

“She was able to bring my vision for the cover to life, and improve on my concept in a way that made it so much better than I had imagined. She was very easy to work with, and very willing to make changes as the project went on. I’m very, very happy with the final cover–it turned out so well! Rebecca really exceeded my high expectations for this project.” 

Steven South

The Queen of Steel and Fire
“I was really thrilled with the quality of the work. It was really professionally produced, above my expectations, and within the estimated time scale.” 

Eleanor Keane

The Breathing Ghosts

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Finding My Focus

Six months ago, I felt like I couldn’t pay anyone to hire me. I mean, I guess that kind of defeats the point, but I was getting pretty frustrated. After getting pregnant with my second, I’d decided to do the whole stay-at-home mom thing while using my...

Cosmosys Exhibition XVI: AISTHETIKOS

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